90s inspired poster design showcase

90s inspired poster design showcase

This showcase is for the designs who take the trend and blow it out of the water.

The 80s and 90s are cool. Not just cool, but way cool. No way? Yes way. It’s a big trend in design right now. The Memphis Movement has taken video animations and social media promotions by storm. Now poster designs are getting a facelift to feature this 90s inspired trend.

This design trend is seen all over the internet right now. Some designs look the same, but some stand out on their own merit. If you’re a great designer you know how to take the inspiration and create something unique. This showcase is for those designers. The designers who take the trend and blow it out of the water.

Remember the 90s for their cool patterns, pastel colours, and of course that feeling of nostalgia every time you hear the Saved By the Bell theme song. It’s not just graphic design that this 90s nostalgia is popular. TV is heavily influenced right now with vintage 80s vibes. No complaints here.

So, take a trip down memory lane with this 90s inspired poster showcase. May you remember the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap, put your snapbacks on sideways and crank up your boom-boxes!

Kate Prior

Diego Flores Diapolo

Freak City




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