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Receipts to shopping lists - Why is there such a stigma surrounding print?

The ongoing division between print and digital leaves a sour taste in a designers’ mouth. The discussion that print is dead finds this particular designer challenging everything about the inevitable shift to a digital world. But why is there such a stigma regarding print? One of the biggest myths surrounding print is the sustainability of paper. If you’ve ever printed a document with a large pagination the phrase “I’ve just printed a tree” might come to mind. But this is far from true. For starters, no matter how big your document –......

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Vintage Travel Postcards

With technology making it so easy to keep connected to our loved ones whilst on holiday, there is rarely ever a need to purchase postcards anymore. Most postcards however are photographic. You may purchase one because your photography skills just aren’t as good. Or you may be sentimental and create scrapbooks of your holiday and fill them with postcards – that’s my mum. Vintage travel postcards however are not like the postcards we get today. The vintage travel postcards are what you see on AllPoster.com. They are now so iconic they have......

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Falling back in love with Wacom

Wacom tablets are designers digital pen and paper. They’re not for everyone. You’ll probably see illustrators with them more so than graphic designers due to the ease of rendering and digitising the intricate details of illustrations. Graphics designers do use them on occasion though. This past week I rediscovered my love for the Wacom tablet when I dusted it off for a quick illustration for a 90s inspired event poster I was working on (coincidentally it was this project that inspired Monday’s post). I wanted all the illustration to be as hand-drawn......

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90s inspired poster design showcase

This showcase is for the designs who take the trend and blow it out of the water. The 80s and 90s are cool. Not just cool, but way cool. No way? Yes way. It’s a big trend in design right now. The Memphis Movement has taken video animations and social media promotions by storm. Now poster designs are getting a facelift to feature this 90s inspired trend. This design trend is seen all over the internet right now. Some designs look the same, but some stand out on their own merit. If......

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Feeling stuck can be a good thing

At some point or other you’ll find yourself feeling stuck. Whether that be in your personal or professional life. So long as you realise that it’s not a permanent state of mind then you’ll become unstuck. It just takes some time. There’s a saying a friend of mine used to have as their laptop background – if you don’t like where you are, move, you are not a tree. It’s 100 percent true. If you feel stuck, do something about it. Personal lives are perhaps easier to fix than professional lives but......

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Why we should design and print in pure CMYK

We all know that the physical print process happens in CMYK. For those that don’t know, now you do. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key – or black as it’s more commonly known. While we design printed articles in CMYK and print in CMYK why is it that we do not design purely using these four colours? A whole brand or publication that uses only CMYK would stand out so much in a competitive industry. LESS PRINT INCONSISTENCIES How many times have you sent something to print and been disappointed......

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